Virtual Strategy Sessions

For Creative Entrepeneurs

I love working with creative entrepreneurs, coaches, yoga teachers, light workers and healers who are ready to rise up and take their businesses to the next level!

If you are ready to ditch playing small and gain momentum in your business then this strategy session is for you.

Here are a few examples of the questions that I receive (almost daily) from hundreds of people:

  • How can I make my message more accessible?
  • I'm unclear of my message and need clarity in finding it, can you help me?
  • I’m really committed to creating a business that I love, but I can't keep myself accountable enough to persist. Can you help guide me one-on-one?
  • How do I stop self-sabotaging and repeating my old patterns? I’m ready and willing to create significant change in my life and business!!
  • How can I heal my fear of success?
  • How can I heal my fear of failure?
  • I feel like my products will be rejected , so I never start , can you help me nip this?
  • I want to change my job but feel stuck, can you help me take aligned action?
  • I know I have potential but I don't know how to to unleash it?
  • How can I heal my fear of visibility?
  • I hate social media and it's holding me back in my business, can you help me with this ?
  • What can I do to Rise?
  • I feel jealous and fall into lack or poverty thinking and would like to change this?
  • I'm tired of procrastinating but can't seem to change this, can you assist?


No matter how far along we are on a path of personal growth, most of us can benefit greatly from more guidance, empathic listening and understanding especially when it comes to our businesses and our fears.

If these questions resonate with you, then know that you can receive the support that you are seeking right here.

I've also created two successful businesses from the ground up and know what it takes to get clear and stay motivated enough to succeed. Within six months of starting this business, I landed massive interviews with thought leaders (like Danille LaPorte) , a weekly self-help column in Cosmopolitan magazine and had over 200 people sign up to my, Master Your Inner Critic E-Course. I am also trained (and qualified) as a psychologist, so I am easily able to pick up on any underlying commitments that you have made (that you are unaware of ) that are keeping you stuck (financially and otherwise).

The one-on-one nature of these virtual sessions allow for incredible transformations often in short periods of time.


  • One personal 60-minute phone or Skype session.
  • Pricing: $79 (VAT inclusive in the US, UK and SA) (Vat exclusive in the EU).
  • Method: Coaching based on my knowledge as a therapist and business creatress!
  • The results: You can expect great results when you do the work! My clients have gone on to level up their businesses, let go of old limited thinking and bring in multiple figures.

Are you ready to change your patterns and totally transform your business?

If the answer is yes, then you’re ready for a virtual one on one session with me!

Get started below.

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About Athena

Athena Laz
Athena Laz

I started my first online business with less than $200 and turned it into a 5 figure business within a couple of months. This was whilst I was studying full-time to become a licensed psychologist back in 2013. I had been consistently told by 'well-meaning' people that I would fail, that my dreams were too big, that I should just stick to an 8 to 5.

I started in Sep 2016. In the first month I landed a massive wellness column in Cosmopolitan Magazine (SA ed). Within 6 months I got to connect with and interview amazing thought leaders. Within 9 months, I was offered a trip to collaborate with international start-ups. I know that none of these things would have materialized into reality if I had let my fears direct my life. I now create freely (we've just spent 9 months travelling the globe) and I love my work - even the parts that feel difficult.

I know that sometimes you are going to feel like you are being kicked-around especially if you are a creative entrepreneur (coach, healer , teacher, artist , visionary). That's when you need your mind-set, courage and inner belief to carry you through. It's my job to remind you just how powerful you are so that you can create in a way that brings you fulfillment.

I also KNOW that aligned action always heals self-doubt.

So take action and come and CREATE with me...