Your Guide to Radical Self Acceptance

LOVING YOU© is a transformative self-paced, online program designed to help you ditch self-criticism and judgement so that you can move towards radical self-love and acceptance.

This course will offer you Psychologically Based Tools, as well as Universal Practices so that you can begin to tame your inner critic and move towards radical self-acceptance and love.


  • Are ready for a change and are willing to shift your perception.
  • Are tired of having your self-worth linked to what you look like.
  • Are ready to have more loving relationships with other people, including your intimate partners.
  • Have a complicated relationship with accepting, validating and liking yourself.
  • Are ready to work on your inner critic so that you can create and maintain healthy intimate relationships.
  • Are ready to stop self-sabotaging and allow success and joy into your life.
  • Are tired of landing up in the same place even though you've worked on your issues.
  • Are a procrastinator, perfectionist or self-saboteur in your relationships, work and life in general.
  • Are afraid of rejection and/or failure.
  • Are thinking about starting a business, blog, project or side hustle but keep postponing it because of self-doubt, fear and inner criticism.
  • Are locked in self-doubt, inner-criticism and fear.
  • Are ready to stop playing out the same old patterns.
  • Have read so many self-help books but never really put anything into practice.
  • You know that you are avoiding past pain and feel ready to experience something new.
  • Are tired of looking outside of yourself in the hope that something or someone will make you feel loved and worthy.



  • You will gain immediate access to a six part video program that is designed to be done at your own pace.
  • This program is delivered through video, audio, downloadable PDFs and therapeutic styled exercises which work to heal & integrate the part of you that is your inner critic.
  • You will also have the opportunity to book six individual coaching sessions (at a discounted rate) with me so that I can help you to really integrate any old issues that come up for you.
  • The coaching sessions are held either via Skype or Zoom.
  • I've done thousands of on one sessions and from my experience, I have learnt that any inner critic can be tamed if you are ready to do really witness it and transmute it.
  • You will gain helpful & insightful tools and techniques to help you silence your inner critic, so that you can reclaim your inner power and begin to feel good again.
  • This course goes deeper than healing affirmations and morning routines (although both those things can be awesome). You will dive into the 'why' of your inner and outer landscape and actively witness what is stored there.
  • You will learn how to recognize your mental errors and learn how to witness your self-judgement and criticism for what (or who) it actually is.
  • You will gain access to the 6 Module Training immediately. This is done intentionally to help you really release any emotional programming that is holding you back.
  • If you've spent years and years berating yourself your inner critic is not going to disappear over night but in 6 weeks you can really shift and integrate how you relate to your inner critic and how much control you allow it to have over your life & how you feel.
  • This course will also offer you effective strategies that you can maintain in the future.
  • Remember all of us trip up, so you'll be able to lean into these tools at any stressful point or time.

Module 1:

Video Module & Downloadable Workbook

Understanding the foundations of working with your inner critic and looking at how you are giving away your power.

Module 2:

Video Module & Downloadable Workbook:

In this module, you will learn to witness your inner critic in the moment. This week is about raising your self-awareness and putting good replacement habits into place to boost better emotional regulation. This is a fundamental step to feeling better- no matter what's happening in your life.

Module 3:

Video Module & Downloadable Workbook:

In this week, you will learn to identify specific errors that are fueling your inner critic and what you can do about them.

Bonus PDF :

Helpful steps in altering reactive behavior.

Module 4:

Video Module & Downloadable Workbook:

In this module, you will learn to recognize who your inner critic is mimicking. This is where you will identify the part of you that acts as your inner critic and see it for who & what it is. This process is unique to every person & will offer you an opportunity to really see that version of Self that is activated - so that you can face it and heal it.

Module 5:

Video Module & Downloadable Workbook:

In this week, you will do powerful guided healing journey.

Module 6:

Video Module & Downloadable Workbook:

In this week, you will get clear on what you want to feel& how to create a self-compassion plan moving forward in your life.

About Athena

Athena Laz
Athena Laz

By trade and title, I'm a qualified psychologist, a wellness columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine and a spiritual writer with the desire to help women reclaim their ability to feel good.

BUT without my "labels" of title and trade, I'm just a woman who deeply believes that care and kindness towards self and others is what really matters.

I'm a woman who wants to swim in the sea, eat good food, give and receive love daily and leave the world in a better shape for having me in it.

I believe that life is for living and that deep seated fear can rob you of your time & joy.

I know that feeling good comes from within.

I've also had to learn that.

I know that nothing outside of you can ever dictate how you treat yourself - if you believe - deeply believe that you are enough.

It hasn’t always been like this for me though…

For a long period of time I felt completely lost and confused.

I had no idea where I belonged in the world. Or what I could possibly have to offer others.

I followed so many different paths only to feel more frustrated and stuck.It was only when I went within that I realized that nothing outside would ever make me feel what I was craving… self- acceptance.

So in 2010, through a deep inner awakening, I realized that I could not carry on in the same way and I decided to fully commit to what I wanted and not what I feared.

That inner commitment, turned my life around.

I went from insecure and fearful of my own inner power to living a life of my own design with a partner who loves and respects me.

I am an East meets West kind of therapist with entrepreneurial blood who loves to create.

And I am here to tell you that if I can do it, so can you.

There is magic in honoring who you are because when you stop fighting, belittling and judging yourself - you open up.

Your life literally opens up.

All that energy goes towards love.

Towards loving how you relate to yourself and to everything around you and that, that is true freedom and power.


I found and took Athena’s training when I hit rock bottom in my life. I had lost all sense of direction and was so uncertain. Through Athena’s explicit, step-by-step guidance and her sharing her personal experiences, I started to be more honest with who I really am. And that real confidence or high self-esteem comes from within, not judged or defined by anyone else. I so appreciate the training while I’m still on the way to become the best version of myself every single day. Thank you, Athena! The training is literally my go-to life booster now. 😊

- Hsiao-wen (Angel) - New York

Participating in Athena’s course was such an empowering experience which led me to look at different areas of my life from a new perspective. Athena provided consistent and regular support with such excellent communication involved. Working with Athena was such a nurturing and uplifting experience that I would be happy to recommend to anyone willing to improve their life and take more control of it. ‘

— Nathan Ho, Florida.

Athena’s course helped me to gain more clarity. She helped me see that I needed to set boundaries and ask for what I need. I’m more ME and stronger within so that I can stand in my power now.

Thanks Athena for your amazing work!

— Daisy A Sandoval, Chicago.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You will gain access to all course materials once purchased. As this is a self-paced online course, it is totally up to you as to how long you would like to take.
Is this a traditional therapy course?
No, this course is based on many forms of wisdom. Psychological, spiritual and educational. This is not a traditional medical or therapeutic program.
If I have a question, will I be able to connect with Athena?
Our team is at your service. Simply email us with your query.

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